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Do you want your wealth to remain with your loved ones?

In life, there are some significant decisions, like starting a family and raising our kids. What if we suddenly leave this world? What will happen to our loved ones, hard-earned money and assets? Can we ensure that all this wealth remains with our loved ones? Moreover, everyone has a different need out of our Will.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that lets you, the Will maker, designate certain individuals or charities as the beneficiaries to receive your assets and possessions when you pass away.

Reasons to have a Will

Appoint someone to manage your Wealth

This person will ensure that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance according to your wish.

Choose who will receive your Wealth

You can specify how you wish to transfer your wealth to your beneficiaries of your own choice and preference.

Decide who you want to be guardian of your children

You can name the legal guardians for your minor children if you and your spouse are no longer around.

Do I need a Will?


If you are married and have an immediate loved one.


If you have children as your dependent.


If you have assets to be distributed according to your wishes.


If you are single and still have your parents to care for or just for charitable causes.


If you want a smooth wealth distribution to your loved one after you pass away.


If you do not wish to see any family dispute in your wealth distribution.

3 Easy steps only

Step (1): SIGN UP

Select the SmartWills plan that match your need and budget by signing up online. SmartWills is fast, easy and trusted Will writing.

Step (2): FILL UP

Fill up the necessary information for your Will, such as your personal information, your wealth and asset information, details of beneficiaries, executors’ and guardian.

Step (3): PRINT & KEEP

Print and sign the Will document together with 2 witnesses you have appointed to make it legitimate. Keep the signed Will document safely.

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