What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that lets you, the person making the Will (the “testator”), designate certain individuals or charities (the “beneficiaries”) to receive your property and possessions (“your estates”) when you pass away.

A last Will also allows you to name a guardian to take care for your minor children. The main purpose of a Will is to ensure that the your wishes and not the default Will Law of the country will be followed upon your death.

Reasons to have a Will

Appoint someone to settle your estates

This person will ensure that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance according to your wish.

Choose who will receive your estates

You can specify how you wish to transfer your estates to your beneficiaries of your own choice and preference.

Decide who you want to be guardian of your children

You can name the right legal guardians for your minor children if you and your spouse can't be there.

What if I die without a Will?

Dying without making a Will means you'll have no say over who inherit your estates. The Malaysia Distribution Act 1958 will decide. Depending on your situation, the rest would go to your children, parents or close relatives. If you have minor children, the court will decide who cares for them, and the situation may not be ideal or in accordance to your wish.

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