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Who We Are

We are a Wealth FinTech company to address today's consumers' needs for Easy, Fast and Trusted digital financial services. SmartWills is the outcome of a team venture of a group of financial advisors, planners, legal and technologist professionals.

SmartWills is our brand in addressing Will's needs for easy preparation at affordable levels, making it accessible for customers across all economic statuses. In late 2016, we started an initiative to build a Will making platform with simple-to-use technology – both web and mobile environments. It took us close to 3 years of planning, market research, and software platform development before we finally launched our online will-making service in early 2019.

Our Vision

We aim to be ASEAN's most trusted and formidable Wealth FinTech group.

Our Values


With with the end users in mind in the platform we design and offer


With the environment, society and good governance in mind when we manage our business


With efficient use of financial resources in the sustainable return we deliver

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Our Customer Testimonial

Please view the testimonials and comments of our customers on SmartWills platform and services.

Customer Testimonial Interview (1)

Mr Ong Ah Soi, a fisherman & entrepreneur, Pulau Ketam, Selangor (58)

Customer Testimonial Interview (2)

Mr Thomas Ramachandran, a taxi driver, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur (41)

Customer Testimonial Interview (3)

Mdm Janice, a property agent, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur (37)

Our Accolades & Recognitions

We are the first ISO-Certified Online Will Maker in Malaysia. We are also a BizTrust-Certified Online Will Maker for Security & Privacy. We are awarded also with the prestigious WCPCC Award for Consumer Protection and MIIPBA Award for Malaysia Influential Intellectual Property Brands.
[1] ISO Certification

We obtain our ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification in "Provision of Online Will, Trust Consultation, Custody and Estate Planning" in 4th January 2022, awarded by the prestigious QEC Certification of UK.

Our Certificate Number: QEC 62315762/67/Q

[2] BizTrust Accreditation

We are also the privileged Online Will Maker in Malaysia that has been accredited with SSM BizTrust Registration & Security & Privacy (LEVEL 3).

Our SSM BizTrust Effective Date: 04 Feb 2022 to 03 Feb 2023

[3] WCPCC Award

We are also the ONLY Online Will Maker in Malaysia that has been awarded for Consumer Protection by World Consumers' Protection Chamber of Commerce (WCPCC) and Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MPTN) Malaysia.

Our Reference Registration No: WCPCC-MY14CP2111-007

[4] MIIPBA Award

We are the ONLY Online Will Maker in Malaysia that has been awarded for recognition given to the outstanding companies which have contributed to the intellectual property industry by Malaysia Influential Intellectual Property Brands Awards (MIIPBA).

Our Serial No: MIIPBA_2022000022